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Castle Märchen - Fairytales for Adults

Castle Märchen - Fairytales for Adults

Welcome to a world of fairy tales. Sometimes sweet and delightful, with adventurous tales of love everlasting and bravery supreme. Other times dark and tragic, with sad stories of love lost and twisted fates. At the center of these hundreds of kingdoms lies the land of Märchen - and the castle and lord that many seek but not all find.

Do you come to the Lord Märchen’s castle to work your way up from peasant to prince? Or are you a young queen on the run, seeking asylum and hoping to meet your one true love? Be wary - time moves differently in Märchen. And not everyone in the castle is there for pure reasons.
Join Castle Märchen at WTF RPG.com and create your own fairytale story.

Our game is same-gender pairing friendly and encourages our players to make twists on their favorite fairytale characters and stories to create new, original fairytales we build together, full of romance, adventure, and even tragedy.

The game is open-ended, so there is never an application closing period, and as the game grows, more possibilities open with each new character. There's no minimum attendance to stay involved and you can have character journals if you enjoy them.

Name: Castle Märchen - Fairytales for Adults
Genre: Original Fantasy/Fairytales
Rating: Teen for Intermediate players
Format: Forum/Messageboard
Community Link: http://www.wtfrpg.com
Website Link: http://www.wtfrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?194-Castle-M%E4rchen-Fairytales-for-Adults
Contact: Applications are made by submitting a bio using the Characters Tab
Age/Audition Requirements: I'm looking for mature, somewhat-experienced players who can handle grim storylines and romance appropriately. As such, please be at least 14 years old, though most of our players so far are in their late teens or 20s.
Further Info: I welcome questions if you have any.

I hope to see you there.
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